Unurban proudly presents
on Saturdays - Feb 22, April 26, June 28, Aug 23, Oct 25, Dec 20, 2014 from 7-10pm, at Unurban 3301 pico blvd santa monica ca 90401, 310-315-0056, FREE admission, more info: Laughtears.com 310-306-7330  http://blackshoepolish.blogspot.com

In the tradition of the Venice West Cafe (the legendary Beat hang-out at 7 Dudley Ave, aka Sponto Gallery from 1984-2008), local Venice musicians will celebrate the rebellious liberation of tuneful creativity. Jazz Funk Fest started at Sponto Gallery in 2005. These 2014 shows celebrate our 9th year.
7pm: BLACK SHOE POLISH. Within the free collective BSP, words that should never be said collide with notes that should never be played. Fiery poetic painters Trig Hanson, Rey Wolf & Rex Butters slap sense into words through multi-dimensional discourse. Gerry Fialka, Paulie Dee, Tad Dery, Merritt Evan Raff, Ralph Loynachan & guests combine fantastical funky sounds from drums, guitars & keyboards in a cauldron of controlled chaos, creating ink stained improvisational interplay. Spoken Word and Free Improvisation as it was never meant to be, Black Shoe Polish reconvenes the Inconceivable with righteous rascality. 

8:30pm: ERIC AHLBERG'S JAZZ WORKSHOP -  Lyrical multi-instrumentalist Ahlberg, along with Sam Clay, Freddie Ginns & Merritt Evan Raff, recall the explorations of Gil Scott-Heron, Public Enemy, Hank Williams, The Art Ensemble of Chicago, George Carlin and John Coltrane with tasty world beat tangents.

"To funk is only peternatural its daring feers divine. Bebold!" - Finnegans Wake by James Joyce