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Perfect Pitch Pop-ups

(aka Probing Percepts Plunder  ...  For the Recent Future)

We will consider your twenty two word proposal and please list your budget, too.

We reinvent the percepts of Marshall McLuhan, James Joyce and Tony Schwartz to help sell products and services. Tetrad management uncovers the hidden environments of effects precede causes.

Reimagine these four word cliches into archetypes:

"Raid kills bugs dead" - Lew Welch, poet

"Take my wife please" - Henny Youngman, comedian

"They'd advertise - you know" - Emily Dickinson, poet

We create campaigns and slogans that merge the social engineering of Joyce, McLuhan and beyond to cause mythic monetary returns.

Advisory Board:
Will Erokan
Eric Dugdale
Jules Minton
Peter Quadrino
Gerry Fialka

Gerry Fialka
Bio - https://www.laughtears.com/bio.html

"The best ads do not tell the viewers anything. They surface their feelings and provide context for them to express their feelings." - Tony Schwartz

"The content of a political commercial is not what's in it; it's the resonance between what's stored in the viewers mind and the stimulus that evokes it. " - Tony Schwartz

"My first kiss was with a Coke in my hand. Coke is about my life, not about taste" - ad executive

Edgar Allen Poe invented the detective novel, and reasoning backwards. This spawned "effect precede causes" and the Symbolists, James Joyce, the Beats, the Rock poets (Dylan, Patti Smith, Jim Morrison) and advertising. It's not the meaning of the word that's important, it's the feelings it evokes.

"I know that 50% of the money I spent on advertising is wasted; unfortunately, I don't know which 50%" - Henry Ford

"People don't read advertising, they read what they are interested in and sometimes it happens to be ads. The consumer isn't stupid, she's your wife." - Howard Gosaage, author of The Book of Gossage

Confessions of an Ad Man by David Ogilvy

Patterns That Connect by Edmund Carpenter

Ask about Fialka's workshop/lecture- KEEPING UPSET WITH THE JONESES: ADVERTISING AS ART - Media ecologist Gerry Fialka's interactive workshop probes the cultural and historical context of advertising as art and Marshall McLuhan's axiom "Advertising is the cave art of the 20th century." Both ads and art eschew rational arguments for symbols, magic and imagery that play directly to our emotions. Much like art, ads have a profound influence which is based on deep knowledge of personal and collective impulses. Join this media yoga session that interconnects Maxfield Parrish, James Thurber, Ansel Adams, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Absolut vodka and myriads more. Word artists Charles Dickens, Henry James, James Joyce (continuing with Kurt Vonnegut, David Mamet et al) were the first literary start-ups in the advertising industry. Explore our intuitive perceptions of the similarity in dissimilars. This lively discussion reveals who we are and how we think. Does advertising have the same aesthetic purpose as art? "A democratic civilization will save itself only if it makes the language of the image into a stimulus for critical reflection - not an invitation for hypnosis." - Umberto Eco. Includes the screening of "ALL ADVERTISING ADVERTISES ADVERTISING" (2008, 14 minutes) Farina & Fialka's vibrant film uncovers the hidden effects of advertisers as psychoanalysts and prophets in the science of the imaginary. Rube Goldberg filmmakers Farina & Fialka satirize the adman's credo "create the disease and offer the cure." They look through ads like portals (port holes) unto a universe of media mindscapes and nuance. They question the simultaneity of great ads as myth. Fialka & Farina fuse an interpretive parable about the Wizard of Oz (Us) and the percepts of Marshall McLuhan to transform the very subject they are examining. Journey into familiarizing the ordinary. How are we immune to ads? Why? What are the critical connections between the rise of consumerism and our blind commitment to economic growth? "You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements. " -Norman Douglas. https://www.laughtears.com/workshops4.html

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