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contact: Gerry Fialka 310-306-7330

THE BACKBONERS will perform live music SATURDAY, Oct 17 at 7:00pm at The Talking Stick, 1411 Lincoln Av (at California), Venice CA 90291, 310-450-6052, admission $10, info:310-306-7330

"I am so touched by The Backboners. They do a fantastic job. Their voices blend beautifully. " - Michelle Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas.

Celebrate the release of The Backboners new CD "We Dreamed It All" with two sets and A VERY SPECIAL GUEST.

THE BACKBONERS (Suzy Williams,Bill Burnett, Kahlil Sabbagh and Ginger Smith) play original songs by Bill Burnett inspired by great vocal groups like The Mamas & The Papas, as well as some exciting covers. THE BACKBONERS' fresh harmonies and stellar arrangements reinvent the summer of love magic. With recent live performances from Santa Monica, California to Swans Island, Maine , The BACKBONERS re trieve the spirit o f inspired and inspiring music many grew up with. Visit: and and

"Imagine my delight when the clever and quirky songs we've come to expect from the Backboners a re joined in a set with amazingly tight renditions of The Mamas and The Papas hits. They brought a real zing and lift to the Sweet Chariot Music Festival." - Doug Day, director 

Backboners pick up where Mamas & Papas left off by John Sollenberger - Pasadena Weekly20
The Mamas and The Papas stamped an indelible mark on the music of the 1960s. Those of us old enough to remember grooved to their powerful yet angelic vocal blends tha t could rock you back on your feet while putting you in a happy place at the same time. Now imagine that supergroup transported into the 21st century. That’s something like what fans can expect Saturday night, when Bill Burnett & The Back boners roll into the Coffee Gallery Backstage. The band lineup is reminiscent of its musical ancestor. Two women and two men blend their voices into powerful cohesion, along with feel-good rhythms and clever, insightful lyrics. The group consists of songwriter/guitarist Bill Burnett, vocalist Suzy Williams, vocalist/percussionist Ginger Smith and Kahlil Sabbagh on vocals,percussion and vibes. However, this is no tribute band. The group performs a list of originals that look back to those earlier days, along with a set of actual Mamas & Papas hits. Members of The Backboners keep busy with their own individual projects when not touring the country as a group. Burnett is an acclaimed songwriter and storyteller, performing everything from love songs to jingles to kids’ songs and musical theater. Williams is a jazz singer, performing solo and with other artists around Southern California. Smith and Sabbagh work together in a versatile act of song, dance and multi-disciplinary performance. Altogether, this promises to be an all-star performance, as nostalgic as yesterday and as up-to-date as today’s h it parade.