FJJ (Free Jazz Jubilee) explores sonic experiments and free improvised live music. Gerry Fialka and Ollie Steinberg welcome participants.

FJJ is inspired by 
the musical philosophies and compositional/improvisational methods of George Russell and his Lydian Chromatic Concept, Ornette Coleman and his Harmolodics, Henry Threadgill and "S
erial intervallic language," Anthony Braxton and his Tri-Axiom theoryCecil Taylor and his Unit Structures, Sun Ra and his Space in the Place, and Art Ensemble of Chicago and their motto: "Great Black Music: Ancient To the Future". Many others have made an impact including Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Captain Beefheart, The Shaggs, The Meters, James Brown, Sly Stone, John Cage, Eric Dolphy, Albert Ayler and George Clinton & PFunk.

It’s not just about composition. It’s about challenging the musicians. You’ve got to have people in a position where they don’t really know, where they’re a little bit off guard, a little bit off balance, and they can really be spontaneous and extemporaneousFamiliarity makes you kind of absent from really understanding something. So you need musicians to be challenged. You don’t want them to come up and say, 'Oh, I know what that is' every time. You’re not going to get anything. You’re not going to get anything fresh out of them. They need to be challenged every time they come up.- Henry Threadgill

“I’ve spent many years learning how to play as slow as possible and then many more years learning how to play as fast as possible. I’ve spent many years trying how to play as good as possible. At the present I’m trying to spend as many years learning how to play as bad as possible...My solo piano playing is a question in itself. The question is ‘why?,’ and after ‘why?’ comes ‘what?,’ and after ‘what?’ comes ‘when?’ " - Paul Bley

WHEN = June 13, 2016 Monday JFF is from 7:30pm to 8pm
at The Unurban 3301 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica CA 310-306-7330
This evening will also include films & discussion about Orson Welles from 6 till 10pm as well. Free admission.
and there are more WHENs upcoming
gerry fialka
MUSIC that influences and inspires
LISTEN TO'em and tell me your reactions PLEASE
theme de yoyo by the art ensemble of chicago
the shaggs lp 
the meters 
MILES DAVIS live evil 
Thelonius MONK DANCING IN MY HEAD Ornette Coleman
red top
dont bogart that joint my friend fraternity of man version
Witchy Thai Toe, or however it's spelled, harmonically speaking, is just a six-bar form that repeats:
[ D ][ C ][ Bm / / A passing tone ][ G / / F# passing tone ][ Em ][ Asus / A / ]
I just find this here. but I couldnt find the begining :D
Witchi-Tie-To, Gimee Rah
whoa Rah Neeko, Whoa Rah Neeko
hey Ney, Hey Ney, No Way
witchi-Tie-To, Gimee Rah
whoa Rah Neeko, Whoa Rah Neeko
hey Ney, Hey Ney, No Way
water Spirit Feelin'
springin' Round My Head
makes Me Feel Glad
that I'm Not Dead


- - - - - -