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Upon reading these workshop descriptions, LA Weekly Art critic Doug Harvey declared that Gerry Fialka should have his own department at Cal Arts. Fialka has lectured on Avant Garde Music at USC, James Joyce & Experimental Film at San Francisco Cinematheque, Advertising as Art at New England Institute of Art, Pixelvision at MIT & several UK venues, The Art of Fakery in Documentary Filmmaking at SF's Academy of Art & New Zealand's Massey University, McLuhan's Percepts at UC Davis Technocultural Studies (for Jesse Drew & Craig Baldwin), Culture Jamming at Flint Institute of Arts, Finnegans Wake at UC Berkeley, various subjects at numerous Ann Arbor Film Festivals and many more. Read accolades at these links. Inquire about Fialka's "Who Knew Genres" study program. Fialka's BIO 
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The following is List Three (#35-40) for FIALKA workshop/screening proposals:
35- EXPERIMENTAL DOCUMENTARY - Cultural revolutionary Gerry Fialka's fun interactive workshop delves deep into the motives and consequences of experimental documentary filmmaking via Marshall McLuhan. What attributes constitute and reinvent this genre? How do avant garde aspirations go beyond John Grierson's definition of documentary as "the creative treatment of actuality?" Examine the hybridizing of the form and content by visionary truth-seekers, who by living in the present create a detailed history of the future. Survey the influence of pioneers from Dziga Vertov to Luis Bunuel to Chris Marker. Fialka uses Millennium Film Journal (the issue entitled Experiments in Documentary, #51, Spring/Summer 2009, reviewed by Fialka at ) as a thorough study guide to raise integral awareness. "I am for anyone who seeks the truth, but I part ways with them when they claimed they found it." - Bunuel. Includes discussion on filmmakers: Bill Brown, Craig Baldwin, Jay Rosenblatt, Barbara Hammer, Mark Street, Deborah Stratman, Jem Cohen, Lynne Sachs, Ben Russell and Jesse Lerner. 
36- McLUHAN AS MOVING IMAGE ART - Gerry Fialka's interactive fun workshop probes the creative process and interrelations between experimenters and audience. The mash-ups and transformations of cinema with new media, video, computers, and performance art are deeply examined. Fialka contextualizes McLuhan's percepts as detailed in Janine Marchessault's book Cosmic Media: "The New Media offer a freedom of movements, of creative thought and aesthetic perceptions that previous visual regime did not. These portend an opening rather than a closing of different forms of engagement and interactivity. Explore the creative process by retooling McLuhan's percept: "May I suggest art in the electronic age is not a form of self-expression, but a kind of research & probing. It is not a private need of expression that motivates the artist, but the need of involvement in the total audience. This is humanism in reverse, art in the electric age is the experience, not of the individual, but of a collectivity." Probe "rearview-mirrorism" - when new media looks backwards for content and meaning. When McLuhan yelped "The future of the future is the present," he was revealing that the artist lives in the present and writes a detailed history of the future. "It's misleading to suppose there's any basic difference between education and entertainment. This distinction merely relieves people of the responsibility of looking into the matter. It's like setting up a distinction between didactic and lyric poetry on the ground that one teaches, the other pleases. However, it's always been true that whatever pleases teaches more effectively." - McLuhan, 1957. The word "pleases" evokes the word "massages," as in Marshall's book The Medium is the Massage. 
37- MESSIN' WITH BECKETT - Lit-critter Gerry Fialka probes Samuel Beckett's mock-tragic heroes, their revelations of human destiny, and the poetic interconnections with McLuhan, James Joyce and Edgar Allen Poe's reasoning backwards, or "effects precede causes." Includes live readings and rare film clips. Why do the possible? "The confusion is not my invention...It is all around us and our only chance is to let it in. The only chance of renovation is to open our eyes and see the mess." -Samuel Beckett. 
- Music & Film Outsider Fialka's last sigh is "I've gotta beef in my heart." Imagine the meta-mystery when the wheres and hows of these two Dadas, Luis Bunuel and Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet) meet in Fialka's vibrANT interactive workshop (with live readings and rare film clips). Study the evolution of environments shaped by their technologies (film, music, books, paintings) and the hidden effects. 
39- INTERVIEW SERIES (aka Media Ecology Soul Salon = MESS) - Please consider scheduling me for a public interview with a filmmaker, artist, musician, activist, and/or modern thinker. I started interviewing people in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the mid 70's. Here's accolades from two Ann Arbor Film Festival award winners: "Fialka is a damn good interviewer. His questions are sometimes so precise that it tickles and sometimes so grand and thought provoking that one feels on the edge of a new spiritual awareness." - Lynne Sachs. "Being interviewed by Gerry Fialka was a real high point in my film career. His questions are wacky, discursive, cosmic, probing, thought-provoking and, yes, experimental and avant garde. I left brimming with a renewed passion for the wide world of film and ideas.  Gerry's enthusiasm and restless intellect are contagious." - Mark Street. "Fialka's interviews are more gratifying than one could imagine, exploring ideas that don't normally get discussed. With his MESS (Media Ecology Soul Salon) public interview series, a cumulative effect emerges as each progressive interview builds upon and enhances the previous ones. His diligent efforts examine the impulses that motivate people. The secret to good conversation lies in the questions, and Fialka's questions are an art form." - William McNally, Activist/Author. The LA Times has called Fialka "the multi-media Renaissance man”, and the LA Weekly, a "cultural revolutionary."  "Gerry Fialka is the Studs Turkel of Venice, California - nurturing active participation for common ground." - Michelle Raven, writer/producer, Discovery Channel. "(Fialka is a) Los Angeles-based independent media hero."- Holly Willis. 
- The retrieval of oral culture in a visual society where the word makes the market with centers everywhere and margins nowhere, museum without walls and city as classroom while cut and pasting pastimes of the mystery landscape with social networks when holeopathically juggling Thornton Wilder, McLuhan, Lewis, Pound, Cage, Duchamp, Kroker and Robert Dobbs, who travels at the speed of thought amongst inventories of hidden psychic and social effects qualifying every known Menippean narratorial clause because there ain't no sanity clause on the mourning stage at the memory theater of the rogues' gagster gallery, thus all-at onceness, rearview mirrorism transforms hendiadys, tetrads and percepts synesthesially smelling "speak that I may see you" which seduces discarnate Mobius strips of past software hoicking hot & cold fusion massage. Social engineer Gerry Fialka repurposes the "who new" genres of antiquarian and post-antiquarian James Joyce studies by transforming the very format of seminar lectures into the form and content of Finnegans Wake itself in this interactive workshop with rare audio and film clips. Includes skyping McLuhan archivist Robert "hand signals for the blind" Dobbs. Percept plunder for the recent future. 

LAND WITHOUT GESTURE - (new 14 minute video installation due in Feb, 2011) Mark X Farina & Gerry Fialka further their repro-educational mosaic writing, which began with the TOTO MEME film trilogy. LAND WITHOUT GESTURE, the first in a trilogy, satirizes the faux-faux travelogue lecture by repurposing Luis Bunuel's subversive mash-up Land Without Bread. F&F transform the integral awareness of sense ration shifting via McLuhan's translation of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake ala Robert Dobbs' multi-verse singularity-simultaneity. "The real purpose of surrealism was not to create a new literary, artistic, or even philosophical movement, but to explode the social order, to transform life itself." -Luis Bunuel. Part two- LAND WITHOUT SPOKEN WORD due in 2012. Part three- LAND WITHOUT PRINTED WORD due in 2013. 
LAND WITHOUT GESTURE can accompany workshop number four- THE ART OF FAKERY IN EXPERIMENTAL & DOCUMENTARY FILM on Workshop List #1. 
blurb for #34 on list #2: 
- Reality performance artist Gerry Failka probes the parallel universes of art and hucksterism, contextualizing these phenomenon within broader historical and social frameworks, From Hadacol (endorsed by 5 presidents, Judy Garland, Bob Hope and Hank Williams ) to Andy Warhol, this interactive "play"shop delves deep into perceptions as reality with lively discussion and rare film clips. Survey medicine showmen, minstrel shows, and vaudeville's interconnections with the mystery of art. Does it activate or pacify? Create the dis-ease and offer the cure? "I am for anyone who seeks the truth but I part ways with them when they claim they found it." - Luis Bunuel. 
"Fialka's animated Media Ecology Workshop acted like a Karate chop on the minds of my film/television students. It's rare for high school students to be exposed to these basic media fundamentals with the historical tracks that lead into present day truths. What a reality check for teens. The kids enjoyed the high-energy presentation and got a mental reorientation of how media plays on their day-to-day lives." -Romeo Carey, Media Director, Beverly Hills High School